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Beauty Myths Debunked

1: Makeup causes acne

There is no research showing makeup causes acne.

However, if you’re not removing it correctly and consistently then you’re going to run into some problems. Not removing makeup at the end of the night, (or even worse sleeping in your makeup) creates a build up of nasties under and on-top of the skin causing underlying congestion and also leads to premature aging

Checkout the videos of people not removing makeup for days on youtube

2: Cosmetics don’t have an expiration date

No, and no again! Cosmetic products absolutely have a shelf life, manufacturers always print that little numbered logo to let you know how long its ok from once you open that lid

3: Airbrush makeup can remove wrinkles and fine lines

False, no makeup can remove fine lines and wrinkles.

However Airbrush makeup has qualities to perform better on aging skin. It appears more natural which is the look most makeup users in any age range want to achieve.

Makeup CAN NOT not texture, do not be fooled by edited images.

4: Makeup protects you from the sun


Its so important to protect your skin using a SPF30+ before applying your makeup even if it states you have a SPF in your makeup as its usually about a 15+ which isn't enough to keep your skin safe from the damaging rays.

Stay skin safe always...

5. Choose a foundation that matches your wrist


Match your foundation to your jawline and down the neck, if it matches there it is a perfect shade for you.

Your face needs to match your body its not a form of tan nor do you want to have the awkward line of shame its your contour that brings back definition in the face :)

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