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Bridal Prep

How to be Ready for your Wedding day!

We take care of a lot of Brides, and often are asked,

“How can we prepare our skin, hair, nails and feel the best for our wedding?!”

Well, we thought we would lend a hand and give you all 7 simple steps leading up to your big day to get you looking and feeling amazing!

1: Start your skin regimen early! In the six months leading up to your wedding it is best to see a Skin Therapist who can analyze and recommend the best advise thats tailored to your skin, recommend the best products to suit your needs and explain a new skin care routine that will keep your skin well hydrated, blemish free and leave your complexion glowing. Having a game plan set in stone will remove stress about possible acne or pesky forehead wrinkles!

2: Decide if Retinol is for you If this is a new topic for you, let me give you the run down. Retinol increases cell turnover, unclogs pores, boosts collagen and helps diminish pigmentation. You can also gain a prescription called retinoid which is even more powerful (please seek advice before trying this). While both are as great as one another, retinol and retinoid can cause redness and peeling and even possible acne before all benefits begin to kick in.

3: Nourishing your skin

Most people do not realize that your skincare routine begins in the shower.

Using a gentle cleanser that is sulfate and alcohol free along with a scrub like Frank body scrub will be great to begin getting your body ready for your wedding Spray Tan. Gently pat your skin dry rather than rubbing and apply lotion within minutes of getting out of the shower to lock in the moisture.

4: Spray Tan Trials We cannot stress enough how important this is. We customize our tans to suit your complexion, the event and your desired colour. However, to make sure you are happy with we strongly recommend booking in a spray tan trial. In our consult we go through a few questions and from there custom your tan.Its Ideal to get a spray tan for your dress fitting and having your final tan done two days before your wedding.

5: Shampoo Less Often Yes really, you heard me right. As great as H20 is for you internally, it hydrates and debloats you so drink up! When it comes to hair, water will not do your hair too much justice. Over shampooing lifts, dulls and fades colour. We sell Hair prepping packs and highly recommend Nak hair care

6: Personalize Your Hair Style Hair trials are a must. We want to know what your hair is like; play around with the styles you have in mind and see which you prefer best. Clear those over-the-top Instagram updos and oversized hair accessories and go with a hairstyle that feels natural to you! If your natural hair is lacking in the volume department or your hairstyle of choice requires some extra length, we have hair extensions you can hire for your big day! Another great reason to have a trial.

7: Do not forget to look after your hands!

We suggest oiling up your nails to keep them hydrated. When dry nails become brittle leading to chips and cracks. Keep nails flexible and strong by using an oil on your cuticles nightly before bed. Using a gentle scrub on once a week on your hands followed but a generous amount of lotion will leave the skin on your hands protected, soft and photo ready. You'll want to show off that bling!

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