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Get your foundation right!

Ok girl so here it is my number 1 pet peeve "Get that foundation right!!!"

Honestly theres a few things you need to know in order for this to happen, its not common knowledge so let me give you some advise its gold I promise xx

THE PURPOSE OF FOUNDATION Let’s start by talking about the its purpose, which is to match the face to the body and even that skin out. Im sure people don't normally go out and buy foundation thinking great this ones perfect not only is NOT the right colour but its also 4 times darker in shade, yip thats the perfect match for me LOLLLLLLL.

If you can buy a colour straight off the shelf and it be perfect, your like a 2% of the population who is lucky.

For the rest of us its a long expensive and trialling experience that can make us give up on all hope.

Well worry no more these tricks are going to really help you out.

Firstly, what coverage do you want sheer, medium or heavy they are all different and we choose the type we like the most for many reasons. You may find that a sheer bb cream evens out your skin enough that foundation is unnecessary, or you may prefer the extra effect that full coverage foundation will give you but be-careful as full-coverage foundations usually look mask-like. Sheer to medium-coverage is a better option for most people. Foundation is not intended to cover blemishes — that’s what concealer is for so if you using full coverage for this reason then your probably adding to the issue not helping it and thats a whole other blog.

Next you need to know when testing colours where you test

Its best to match foundation in an area of skin without excessive redness, pigmentation or blemishes, that is most similar to the skin that will be visible.

Simple, right?

Avoiding redness usually means avoiding the nose and chin, and frequently cheeks. The side of the jaw gliding down to the neck is the best place to test.

If you have distinct areas of pigmentation, common in darker skins, choose an area that overlaps each, to find a colour that splits the difference. The cheek is sometimes best in this case or if you suffer from redness across the neck and chest use the area of skin behind the ear near the jaw as its less likely to be red and truer to your natural skin tone.

Swatch 3 colours you think are best, blend these into the skin not just on the skin then go outside and the swatch you cant see is the colour you want!!!!!

Now as skin changes colour from season to season due to exposure of the elements this also means its very likely the colour you are in winter is not the colour you are in summer so you will need 2 foundations and if you fake tan then most likely 3 so that you will always have the right colour match no matter the time of year.


Skin undertones

Yup this is where we workout if your cool warm or neutral which means you are a pink or yellow or both based foundation colour

The best way to tell is by looking at your skin and asking your self these few questions

1 Do I suit gold or silver jewellery best?

2 Do I burn easy go red then fair again or do I burn then tan or not burn and just tan?

now look at your veins in your wrist

Do you see

Purple veins

Blue Veins

Green Veins

Here is the answers

Silver = Cool

Gold = Warm

Burn then fair = Cool

Burn then tan = Neutral

Tan = Warm

Purple = Neutral

Blue = Cool

Green = Yellow

Your face and body can be both warm and cool but at the end of the day this is how we workout which undertone you are so we know what foundations are best for you!

When you head out to buy your foundation next remember this so you can better equip yourself or just keep an eye out for my new service launching soon to help you with all your makeup needs xxx

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