Hair Extensions what you need to know!

Have you always wanted Hair Extensions but don't understand what it's all about or where to even start?



To make it easier Ive broken down some applications methods & tips to help you with making the right choice.

Firstly let me give you an explanation of some common words you'll see & hear a lot.  

*Remi = Means all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction at the time of collection, this allows for almost no tangling.

*Virgin = Refers to the fact that it has never been processed, coming to you directly from the donor as is (virgin remi hair is the most expensive on the market) 

*Synthetic = Is a blend of fibres & contains no human hair.

These fibres are usually very fine plastic that are manufactured to imitate real hair, they come in many styles & colours.

The quality of synthetic fibres can vary, but are generally stiff & move differently from human hair, so they don’t blend as well with your natural hair & sometimes have a wiry or coarse feel to the touch ( these are not ideal & look very fake) Ideally you want to go with Indian/Asian/Brazilian or Russian (Russian is the best)  *Double drawn = This is an additional process done to ensure fullness is the same from root to tip and they remove all the short hair by hand!!!! 

How to care for your extensions 

Hair extensions are a high maintenance thing to have but if cared for correctly, they will look & last well. 

Firstly you must wait 24 to 48 hours to wash your hair once extensions are applied (especially ones involving glue) & only use sulphate free shampoo & conditioner as the extensions do not have natural oils keeping them from deteriorating, sulphate products will only break the hair down leaving it dry, brittle & very prone to knotting.

So make sure to find good sulphate free products, there are many on the market but feel free to ask me for some recommendations (PRO TIP: do not to put conditioner near the roots/attachments as this will cause slipping).

It is ideal to use the correct tools like a loop brush but this depends on the installation method you go for, however it's a MUST have for link or fusion extensions.

When you go to bed or swim make sure to plait your extensions this will stop them from knotting.

Failure in doing these thing can lead to damaged/knotted natural & extension hair which happens a lot when extensions are not cared for correctly.

Types of installations 

Tape in Extensions

This installation is my favourite!! when correctly applied they are undetectable & feel so natural as the tape sits flush to your own scalp making them flow in a more natural position.

A covering is removed from the tape & applied in a sandwich like technique with your hair in-between two pieces.

*This application is suitable for most hair types & lengths

*Wear time before they need to be taken up is 6 to 10 weeks depending how fast your hair grows

*The hair is reusable, providing you have cared for it correctly (they are removed re-taped & then reapplied)

*Flows naturally with your own hair making it look realistic

*Glue residue maybe left behind 

Micro-beads/Link Extensions

Again if applied correctly this method is also undetectable & has a natural look.

The application method takes a lot more time to install than tape & uses small aluminium cylinders ideally lined with silicone to stop breakage of natural hair, small equal pieces of natural hair are threaded into the cylinders along with pre bonded pieces of hair & clamped shut.

This method needs to be correctly done with the right amount of natural hair used to stop the hair from breaking under the strain of holding the pre bonded pieces.

To remove; the cylinder is pinched open allowing the bonded hair to slide out

*This application is suitable for most hair types & lengths

*Wear time before they need to be taken up is 6 to 10 weeks depending how fast your hair grows

*The hair is reusable, providing you have cared for it correctly (this hair can be rebonded & reapplied)

*No glue needed 

*Must use a loop brush to stop from pulling and damaging hair

Fusion/Glue ins/Pre bonded Extensions 

This method has the same application style as the micro beads but uses keratin to seal them to your own hair.

Small pieces of your hair are combined with a pre glued square-shaped keratin protein bond. This tip is solid until melted with the Hair Extension Tool.

The stylist takes a small section of hair that is equal to the hair extension strand & places the bond over the section, using the extension tool it melts & soften the bond, the stylist then uses their fingers to hold & shape the melted keratin around the hair.

When it cools, the keratin hardens again, creating a sealed, durable bond.

To remove a alcohol-based solution is used to break down the adhesive so the bonds loosen, after the solution has been applied for a few seconds, the stylist uses the Hair Extension Tool to break the keratin bond. Once it’s loose, the hair extension slides off!

*This application is suitable for most hair types & lengths

*Wear time before they need to be taken up is 6 to 10 weeks depending how fast your hair grows

*Glue residue maybe left behind

*Must use a loop brush to stop from pulling and damaging hair

Weft/Sew in Extensions 

This weft method comes from the African community & you may have seen stars like Beyonce rocking the best looking natural weft you've ever seen & I have to agree they are pretty dam awesome especially the full cover type, which is why the weft installation is my second favourite system to use.

There are a few methods of installing the weft - Braids & Micro links are just a couple of ways but no matter the method just make sure the outcome is flawless.

This application can involve cornrows been braided into

the hair & the weft been sewn onto the row, the placement for this is crucial & ideal for those with curly locks.

The installation process is quick & it can feel tight to begin with but it allows for you to also tie your hair up in a high bun without detection.

Removal depending on the type of application used are simply taken out, the braid is redone & then bam the weft re sewed back into the hair!!

*Minimal damage to natural hair 

*Faster application time 

*Suitable for all hair but great for curly 

*Can be brushed with normal brush 

Theses are your main permanent extension systems.

Besides these methods there are also things like clip in extensions, halos & wigs, it really depends on what you want to achieve, your budget & how willing you are to maintain them.

Think about

*What your lifestyle is like

*What type of hair you have

*How long you might want your hair to sit

These key things will help you determine which system is right for you & knowing how many pieces you might need (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) below is a guide for hair types & lengths 

For anyone looking for something new maybe even something as simple as highlights/lowlights,extensions can achieve this without causing damage to your own hair.

Use an image of someones hair you might like to show your specialist so they can advise on correct amount you need to achieve the look.

They are such an amazing way to help with confidence & an instant change to ones image it's a no brainer!!!

The only thing to do now is consult with a specialist to see whats best for you so.

Here at Diamond Diversity we offer the tape and weft systems we also hire out clip and halo extensions for events and weddings (contact us for more information)

So you don't

look like this

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more like this!!!


Remember dolls

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