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Prepping your hair for that perfect finish

When it comes to getting that perfect look, it's all in the preparation, especially before styling.

We can create sleek, straight strands or bouncy curls that many of us aren't fortunate enough to wake up with naturally, but need your help to get there.

Arriving with dirty hair is not ok we need it clean and correctly prepped so we can add the right products to create the outcome you desire.

To ensure the best possible finish, follow our 4 easy steps to prep and protect your hair.

Step 1: Shampoo hair the night before or if oily the morning of your appointment with a silicon, paraben and sulfate-free product as these can coat the hair and make it too slippery.

We recommend the Nak minis.

When shampooing, pay particular attention to the crown and the nape of your neck as these are areas where oil can build up.

Use the tips of your fingers and your nails quite vigorously to massage your scalp all over, and loosen any dirt or oil, we recommend doing this 2 times and ensure you rinse out well.

Step 2: Condition Do this after you have shampooed.

Applying to the mid-lengths and ends only, use a wide tooth comb to disperse a small amount of conditioner through your hair and rinse out well. If you can stand it, use lukewarm-cold water for your final rinse to seal the hair cuticle.

Step 3: Oil A lightweight hair oil is a great way to intensely moisturise dry strands and is super

effective in adding shine. Many multi-use Hair Oils are packed full of naturally nourishing ingredients that penetrate strands to repair them from the inside out. We recommend L'Oreal Eleve applying only to mid-lengths and ends.

Step 4 Mousse A lightweight mousse is also something we recommend, apply all through the hair after towel drying then blow dry the hair straight DO NOT straighten with a straightener, this helps with extra hold for those curls and less frizz for those beautiful up-styles. Try Naks mousse or ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Volume

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