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Skin Prep

Looking after your skin is one thing that you can not let slide. You only get one skin, so you need to ensure that you are looking after it and giving it the best chance of staying young and healthy. Having a daily skincare routine in place will help you to reduce premature ageing, wrinkles and blemishes. If you are a daily make up wearer, or even just on the special occasions, it is important to prep your skin before and after using make up. This will help insure a beautiful flawless makeup look.

How do I prep my skin before wearing make up?

When you are applying makeup you should be applying it to clean, dry skin. This means you need to start with a good cleanser that suits your skin type. By using a cleanser you will clean away any debris, dirt and oils.

Then move onto a good exfoliation to help take away that skin build up and deep down underlying congestion and finish off with a super hydrating moisturiser to instantly plump and give a dewy glow.

If you apply makeup to unclean skin it can cause irritation, dryness and itching – none of which you want to deal with once you are out trying to enjoy yourself.

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What about after wearing makeup?

I know it is tempting to just climb straight into bed at the end of the day or after a night out, but it is important that you take the time to remove your makeup. By removing your makeup you are able to bring your skin back to its natural state and along with the makeup remove any excess oils or dirt that has built up.

Start by using a makeup remover or cleansing oil to clean the makeup from the face if you have had a big night reach for those high end makeup wipes not the cheap ones filled with alcohol that strip the ph and leave your skin feeling raw.

Once your face is clean, apply a moisturiser or night cream to help hydrate and strengthen the skin.

Wearing your makeup to bed overnight will instantly age you especially around the eyes. Take the time to wash it off and go to bed feeling fresh.

What else can I do to prep my skin?

There are a number of things that you can do to look after your skin both when you are wearing makeup and when you are going natural.

Even if you are not planning on spending a lot of time in the sun, wearing sunscreen is a must. Sun damage to your skin can cause it to dry out, age prematurely and there is also the risk of skin cancer developing. You can get tinted sunscreens that provide you with light coverage and protection in one.

Also ensure that you are moisturising your skin at least once a day. Your skin goes through many different elements during the day including the sun, wind and blue light from computers and devices. Moisturising your skin will help to reduce the effects of these free radicals on the skin and keep it fresh and healthy.

Another way to look after your skin is to ensure you are drinking enough water. Water doesn’t just hydrate you on the outside. It also helps to hydrate your skin from within.

Looking after your skin is important and you should be focusing on having a daily routine that you stick to. The earlier in your life that you start looking after your skin properly, the better chance you have of it aging well and not causing you too much grief.

Skin care is something everyone, at every age should be focusing on. If you are a regular makeup wearer, find make up that is not only good for the environment but also good for you and your skin. Vegan makeup is not tested on animals, does not include animal products and in most cases is made from organic ingredients – making it a safe and healthy option to be applying to your skin.

Remember, skin prep and a good routine are vital to looking after your skin for the long term.

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