Spray Tanning 101

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Sick of tans not working out or being scared of your tan going wrong? Well, not to fear Diamond Diversity is here....

You most likely know what a spray tan is, maybe you have had one (or hundreds) or have some crazy misconceptions & possibly avoid them like the plague.

My hope here is that after the information I give you, you will love Spray Tans just as much as me & can make better choices when having a tan (or trying a tan) next.

So lets start with the background of tanning...

Its said that tanning dates back to the 1960s & started selling as a product on the market in the 1970s, since then there have been many many changes to sunless tanning products.

One thing however still remains the same, a little ingredient called DHA (dihydroxyacetone) this is the main ingredient found in all self tanning products & comes from plant sources such as sugar beets/sugar cane & by the fermentation of glycerin, which is why you can sometimes feel sticky after a tan.

DHA does not yet have enough evidence to prove its effects on our bodies & health, though there are many articles out there that will give strong conviction to both the pros & cons.

In the end its up to you, but I know I feel safer using it than bathing in the suns UVA/UVB rays or using the now illegal tanning beds.

All the other ingredients you'll come across like Argan oil or Coconut etc are for hydration/firming & or perfuming the product, there are also added colours like green & violet which help neutralise the undertones in your skin.

Tanning unfortunately DOES dehydrate, so it's really important that you regularly moisturise to rehydrate your skin & also keep your tan looking flawless till the very end of the tans life.

Your tan, if done correctly will last anywhere from 5 to 14 days.

What to expect...

A tan should be an easy & fun process the last thing I want my clients to feel is rushed or judged.

A professional spray tan should take 15 to 20mins including consultation & changing.

It is important to have a consultation as you need to have the perfect tan for what ever it is you're getting it for, for example a bride should have a tan 2 days before the wedding to allow time for it to settle, you also want to make sure there are no contraindications which might stop you from having the tan.

Once you have completed your consultation you will get undressed (you can choose to bring a bathing suit/old underwear or have disposable underwear, I provide my clients with these) but for the ultimate no tan lines go nude!!!! you don't have anything we haven't seen before ;)

You will either then enter the booth/tent or shower & the technician will start the service & provide you with instructions on how to position your body, once completed you will dry off for a few minutes before getting changed back into your clothing.

Your technician should then provide you with aftercare & products best suited for you (avoid soap bars as they will strip your tan off)

These are some key points you need to know about tanning:

>When you have a tan & leave being instantly brown, know that this is just the bronzer added to the solution not the DHA or the colour you will turn out, it is very important to find out from your tanning technician how long you should wear it before washing it off, if you are time poor ask for a Rapid tan, this is a minimum wear time of 1 hour

>When you shower and you see all the colour coming off don't panic this is just the bronzer not the tan, if you are wearing a Rapid tan you will go back to looking pale again but do not stress, over the next few hours your tan will develop & will look stunning (hopefully :P) 

>Until you wash DO NOT get your tan wet, you run the risk of leaving marks on your body & becoming patchy

>There are many different solutions on the market be sure to ask your technician which is right for you or if you seek a preferred brand ask when booking your appointment

>You can help prolong the life of your tan by purchasing a gradual tanning moisturiser, applied once daily it will add a small amount of tan to your application helping it last & fade more evenly

>Mixing DHA percentages 8% (Light) & 10% (Medium) will not give you an in-between, the higher percentage will always rule meaning you will still end up with a 10% (Medium colour)

>Applying 2 layers is a complete waste of time & your money, if your technician is using the correct setting with the correct DHA % level for what you want to achieve then you only need 1 layer, 2 layers does not mean you will be darker the only way to achieve this is by layering tans with washing it/days between or going up a higher DHA % level for example: instead of light go medium

>Bronzer will rub off onto your clothes, towels & sheets but it washes out

>There is NO SPF in Spray tans please be sure to use SPF when outside your tan will not protect you!!!!

>To achieve the best tan you must do all your pre care first!!!! nothing will ever look good on unprimed skin & it is not the technicians fault.

Heres my before & after care for the best tan....

Pre Tan

. 24hours before the tan shave/wax & exfoliate the entire body paying special attention to knees/elbows/wrists & feet

. Don't have wet hair when getting your tan (make sure its dry & tied up)

. DO NOT arrive with perfume/moisturiser/deodorant or makeup on (not doing this runs the risk of the tan reacting with the other chemicals causing the tan to turn green, your sweat will do this too)

. Wear flip flops & dark loose clothing afterwards.

Post Tan

. Do not touch your skin until you have rinsed or you will end up with excess tan on your palms & hands

. Wash when advised to for best looking tan

. Pat your skin dry after showering to stop tan rubbing off

. Use tan extender to help prolong tan life

. Do not exfoliate the body until you are ready to remove tan or you risk becoming patchy & uneven

. If sleeping in Tan, wear dark clothing and make sure your sheets are dark too


Hopefully that gives you some in-site to the world of tanning, if you have any questions feel free to contact me via email or social media FB or Instagram

And remember

"Always tan like you're going to bump into your ex!!"

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