Why Vegan???

We all know that there are a lot of different products on the market when it comes to skincare and make up.

Walk down the aisle at your local supermarket and you will be inundated with a range of different products to choose from. It can be daunting trying to work out which ones are good for you, good for the environment and which ones you need for a good skin routine. Knowing the difference between the different products can help you to understand what goes into them, how they are tested and it can also save you a lot of money. The last thing you want to do is spend a heap of money on products only to realise that they are not good for you or the environment.

Not only this but what about your overall health? a lot has happened over the last 18months and many people are making huge life changes, like myself and have been even before the world went a little more crazy.

But why vegan you ask?

A little about my decision

Before changing to vegan, I suffered from health anxiety it started from the age of 12 but I didn't know what it was or what caused it until I was in my mid 20’s.

For those who suffer with anxiety of any kind and especially those who get panic and anxiety attacks you know just how horrid it is to not understand how, what or why….

I spent a number of years researching and trying to understand the different types of diets, health and wellbeing ways that were available. It was after this that I decided that the best option for me was to start practicing a vegan way of life.

The changes that I made in my diet and lifestyle have definitely helped me to become more healthy and conscious about what goes in and on my body, Ive always tried to listen to my body but in the last 3 years since having my baby girls this has been even more of a focus for me.

Once I started making the changes, I decided to start looking into vegan friendly skincare and make up products. It is honestly scary when you look at the different products and what is in some of them. And don’t get me started on the ones who test on animals.

For the sake of myself, my girls and my clients I decided that I wanted to be the best role model that I could. By using vegan products I can confidently tell my clients that they are not damaging any of the environment or the beautiful creatures.

Why should I choose vegan friendly products?

I could harp on forever about why you should choose vegan friendly products. Don’t worry, I wont. There are however so many benefits to choosing vegan friendly products.

The first one, which is probably one of the most important ones is that there are no animals that are hurt in the production of the products. Because no animal by products are used, there is no need for any animals to be harmed. Vegan friendly product companies also ensure that they do not test on animals either, because again they do not want to see any animals getting harmed.

Another reason I choose the vegan friendly products is because they understand the importance of looking after the environment and do their best to make sure they are doing that. This can include using packaging that is compostable or recyclable, offsetting their carbon emissions from shipping and manufacture and by using renewable resources and ingredients, I want to leave this planet the beautiful way it should be.

Are vegan products better for my skin?

Absolutely! Because the vegan friendly products are made using natural, organic or renewable ingredients it means that they can be a lot better for your skin. You are not putting foreign animal based products on your skin that may cause irritation or reaction.

Anyone that has sensitive skin, I 100% recommend using vegan friendly products as they are less likely to aggravate your skin conditions.

The gentle nature of the products means that you can use daily without the worry of doing damage to your skin. If you are still unsure about making the change, do it one product at a time. Once you start to notice the difference – you wont go back.

Reach out if you need any help as I know not all my clients and followers are vegan and thats 100% ok we all have our ways xx

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